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Blitz Sign-Up: Tyler Nitbone by Imran Siddiq

Tyler Nitbone
Imran Siddiq
Publication date: November 29th, 2013
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult


Tyler can Cross into parallel realities. Employed by a secret organization, he collects data about worlds encountered to improve the Alternate Worlds Map. Except the organization have apprehended him, tampered with his memory, and accused him of a crime he can’t recollect. They must have the wrong seventeen-year old? Nope – even Tyler’s friends have evidence against him.

There are rules to being a Alternate Worlds Viewer:
DO NOT interact with the environment.
DO NOT interfere with events.
DO NOT reveal the ability to Cross.

Tyler has broken with one. But which? All of them?

Worst of all he hates his surname: Nitbone.

Chased by the organization, he will Cross into explosive worlds to uncover the real traitor or risk the lives of zillions.

Tyler Nitbone must interfere to undo the interference

I am organizing a book blitz for Tyler Nitbone by Imran Siddiq, a YA Sci-Fi novel. The blitz will run from November 29th to December 5th, 2013, you can post on any day during this window. There will be interviews available for your post, and every participant will be able to host a giveaway for one ebook copy of Tyler Nitbone + ebooks 1-3 of his Divided Worlds series if you wish – giveaway copies courtesy of author.

An email with the complete post info including promo items and giveaway details will be sent to all participants on November 26th.