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Review Opportunity: Dismissed by Kirsty McManus

Kirsty McManus
Publication date: April 28th 2015
Genres: Romance, Young Adult


The second Lizzie White lays eyes on her new English teacher Brandon Thomas, she is hooked. Brandon is young, cool and sexy – and nothing like the other teachers at her school. But of course he is forbidden from fraternising with the students or forming any sort out of outside hours relationship. And combined with the fact that Lizzie’s best friend Taylor declared her feelings for Brandon first (and has therefore claimed theoretical ownership), Lizzie decides it’s all too hard and focuses on a budding relationship with fellow student and class clown Gabe instead. But then Jason shows up. Jason is Brandon’s trouble-making twin brother who seems to have no qualms about flirting with students or leaving a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. Before she knows it, Lizzie is dragged into a confusing world of blurred lines and lustful thoughts, where loyalties are tested and true feelings are explored.



You can now request a review copy of Dismissed by Kirsty McManus, an Upper YA Romance novel. Reviews should be posted by August 30th. Review copies will be in ebook formats.

Word count: 55k / Heat level: low – no graphic sex scenes
Content warnings: some cursing and controversial topic (student / teacher relationship) – presented in a lighthearted way

–Please only request if you are truly interested in reviewing.
–Not all bloggers may get approved for a copy.
–This is not part of a blog tour (if approved for a copy, you will be reading/reviewing on your own).
–We’re looking for honest opinions; you may post your review regardless of the rating.
–Please cross-post your review on Amazon, Goodreads, and B&N if possible.

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