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Review Opportunity: The Mediator by Milana Jacks

The Mediator
Milana Jacks
(Jade Dober #1)
Publication date: May 13th 2016
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy



The world is fractured. Few dare to cross the lines dividing the three main factions – Humans, Horned, and Shifters. Except for the Mediators trained to settle inter-factional disputes and enforce the Human Office’s regulations in the lawless zones.

Jade Dober is one of those Mediators, though sometimes she feels more like a glorified halfling social worker sent into the hinterlands to make it appear the Office gives a crap.

Deep in the Second Nevada Trade Zone is her next case: a human/werewolf halfling, a trade school student, trapped in a “wild” state. The teen’s half-sister wants to claim him under her pack—a sure death sentence—while the school’s principal fights to free the human trapped within the animal.

Saving a life is Jade’s stock-in-trade. But when her investigation uncovers an illegal plot to breed a new species of shifter, the resulting ruckus captures the attention of the Horned King. This is bad. Very bad. Because Jade isn’t quite what she seems. And if the Horned King lays claim to her first, no one on this planet—or her own—can save her.

***This urban fantasy is written for an Adult Audience.



You can now request a review copy of The Mediator by Milana Jacks, an Adult Urban Fantasy novel. Reviews should be posted by August 10th. Review copies will be in ebook format.

Word count: 79k / Heat level: 1/5 – no sex, adult situations and adult language.
Content warnings: Violence and gore. This UF is dark in theme and tone. However, there is comic relief.

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–Not all requests may get approved.
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