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Review Opportunity: Courting Moon: Vampyres Desire by Adom Sample

Courting Moon: Vampyres Desire
Adom Sample
(Bloods Passion Saga, #1)
Publication date: April 28th 2017
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

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They say love has no place in the perfect vampyre society. I say emotional desire cannot be suppressed. I will go as far as I must to be with the one I love.

Those in power are hiding something, and it all stems from the Coven of Vampyres strict law: Human and Vampyre fraternization—strictly forbidden. To live in a society where love, passion, and desire are restricted it isn’t long before someone rebels. I just never thought that someone would be me.

The day I met him, the vampyre Sebastian of Orias, everything changed. Never in my life did I think someone like him, the son of a Count, would pursue someone like me. But he did. He stalked me, he approached me, and now he wants me. We both knew an insatiable passion would develop between us the first time we touched, the first time we collided into each other’s arms. He didn’t want my blood he wanted my heart.

We chose to break the rules, defy the Coven, and embrace this connection, regardless of the dangers that may unfold. Nevertheless, this connection may reveal secrets the Coven may be willing to kill to protect.

Courting Moon is paranormal vampire romance tale of forbidden love for mature adults 18+



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Page count: 357 pages
Heat level: Moderate

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