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Blitz Sign-Up: Raven Acoustics: Rock Star Romance by Grace Harper

Raven Acoustics: Rock Star Romance
Grace Harper
(Red & Black Series, #3)
Publication date: April 9th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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Errol Thomas has a tortured soul, always has had.

Errol is out of rehab and is set on world domination. His record label is only too happy to pull his puppet strings to get him to the top of the soul music charts. 

But it comes at a price, a price Errol doesn’t find out until it is too late.

He seeks solace in a local candle maker’s shop where Jane, the owner listens to tales of woe. When Ivory walks into the shop that has been his home away from home for over ten years, he is knocked sideways.

It’s only when he meets Ivory that he vows to keep his sobriety promise.

Just when Errol is on an even keel, falling in love with Ivory, her past comes knocking to reveal her secrets. In turn, his cover story at the label starts to unravel.

Will Errol be able to keep focussed on the end game or will he be collateral damage?

Red & Black have their own issues to deal with and become involved with Errol’s music career even if they don’t want to.

This is the third standalone romance novel in the Red & Black Series. 

Book 1: Charcoal Notes
Book 2: Crimson Melodies


I am organizing a book blitz for Raven Acoustics: Rock Star Romance by Grace Harper, an Adult Contemporary Romance novel. The blitz will run from April 29th to May 3rd, 2019, you can post on any day during this window. There will be excerpts available for your post, and every participant will be able to post the blitz-wide giveaway if you wish – giveaway prize(s) courtesy of author. Social media sites are welcome.

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