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Paranormal, Young Adult
Blitz Sign-Up: Lost Eden by G.P. Ching

Blitz Sign-Up: Lost Eden by G.P. Ching

Rules. Balance. Consequences. War. When Fate gave Dane the water from Eden to drink, she did more than save his life. She changed his destiny. Since the beginning, a compact between God and Lucifer has maintained a tenuous peace, balancing Soulkeepers and Watchers and the natural order of things. Dane upset that balance the day

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Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Cover Reveal Sign-Up: Lost Eden by G.P. Ching

THE COVER REVEAL: I am organizing a cover reveal for Lost Eden by G.P. Ching, a NA/Older YA Paranormal Fantasy novel, the 5th book in the Soulkeepers series – designed by Steven Novak. The cover reveal is scheduled for Thursday, September 12th, 2013 (after 12:01AM EST).

An email with the posting information will

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