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Blitz Sign-Up: Chasing Angel by J.L. Weil

Chasing Angel
J.L. Weil
(Divisa #3)
Publication date: January 3 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult


Chase Winters is one of a kind.

That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t get on my nerves more days than not, but his arrogance is starting to be sexy. Together our bond grows stronger, and so do we.

Just as we hurdle one obstacle, two or three more pop up. Go figure. It isn’t enough that Emma once again hates our guts, now Travis has decided to go all demon-zoid on us. I could hardly blame him though; he had lost the girl of his dreams—again.

After everything that we have endured, I am not the same girl anymore. Not since the day I met Chase. The icing on the cake—there is a new player in town, and he is not human. Hell has decided to pay Spring Valley a visit, and Chase and I are their first stop. Our quiet little town was about to shatter.

Of course there is also our rare bond to factor into all of this, and the pesky last piece. Or maybe it isn’t as pesky as it is combustible.

Soul. Heart. Body.

Oh dear God…

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I am organizing a book blitz for Chasing Angel by J.L. Weil, a YA Paranormal novel – the 3rd in the Divisa series. The blitz will run from February 3rd to February 7th, 2014, you can post on any day during this window. There will be an excerpt available for your post, and every participant will be able to host a giveaway for one ebook copy if you wish – giveaway copies courtesy of author.

An email with the complete post info including promo items and giveaway details will be sent to all participants on January 30th.