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Review Opportunity: Finding Harry Styles by G.B. Hope

Finding Harry Styles
G.B. Hope
Publication date: June 23rd 2014
Genres: Dystopian, New Adult


When a total power black-out hits the world – planes falling from the sky, cars crashing, cell phones and computers dying – two Englishmen are stranded, separately, on the East Coast of the US. They both try to make their way to their girlfriend and sister, respectively, who is trapped in New York. As society turns quickly to chaos, the two men encounter violence, tragedy, friendships and adventure, joined along the way by several different characters. Meanwhile, the girl they are working their way towards is surviving as best she can, all the while terribly worried for her idol; Harry Styles, of the band One Direction, who were performing in New York at the time of the unexplained apocalyptic event.



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Page count: 313 pages
Content warnings: Recommended for over 18s as it does contain some strong language, moderate violence, a suicide scene, reported suicides and other disastrous events.

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