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Review Opportunity: Eluded by Lyra Parish

Lyra Parish
Publication date: July 28th 2014
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


Lives intersect only to be changed indefinitely…

This isn’t your typical girl meets boy.
There isn’t a glass slipper or Prince Charming.
I’ve lived it and now it will be told.
Welcome to my personal hell…

I once saved lives and now… I so easily end them.

Women are drawn to me like a moth to the flame, and like the moth not all of them continue on. Some are broken, others are damaged, and a few never make it out… but it’s their decision to live. Only they often don’t know that until it’s too late.

F*ck the rules, I create my own in a world where I have nothing left to lose. Living is a game, and I’m the reigning champion by being stronger and smarter than my prey.

This is your warning. If you radiate vulnerability… Well, you could be my next victim. Don’t try to hide. I’m not easily eluded.

It started with me and now it will end with me.
Some people call me an uncontrollable killing monster. I f*cking laugh at the mention of the word.
Monsters have no control.
I’ve got plenty.
I don’t kill without reason. I don’t kill the innocent.
I hunt the ones that deserve it, the real monsters, the ones without regret or a soul.



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Page count: 330 pages/65k words / Heat Level: Steamy
Content warning: Please be aware there are situations that some may find uncomfortable and could be considered as triggers including: strong language, violence, kidnapping, drugs, and rape.