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Blog tours are virtual book tours where, every day during the tour (normally lasting 1-2 weeks), the author/book is scheduled to appear on specific blogs on each day. Tour stops are a mix of reviews, interviews, guest posts, and excerpts, along with a giveaway. Those scheduled for a review will receive a free ARC. Those scheduled for a non-review stop will get unique material for their stop (you even get to send your own interview questions/guest post topic for the author for a blog post catered to you!). Since space on a tour is limited, signing up does not guarantee a spot; those selected for a tour will get a confirmation email 4-5 weeks before the tour starts. See below for specific tour guidelines!

Book Blitzes are promotional events (“parties”) normally to celebrate a book release or sale. You get to share sneak peeks, teasers, guest posts etc. This provides your blog (FB/IG also welcome) with material that is quick and easy to post, and there is always a giveaway which helps you gain followers/page views. Several promo items are available on each blitz to give a choice of what to post, allowing for variety, originality, and personality. This event is not limited to a certain number of blogs; everyone who signs up can participate. Blitzes are either one-day events, or span a certain amount of time (average 5-7 days) and you decide which day you want to post during that window.

Cover Reveals are events where you can help reveal a cover for an author/publisher – you get the privilege to be the first to show it off to the world! This event is not limited to a certain number of blogs; everyone who signs up can participate.




If you sign up for the Master list, you will be automatically signed up for all new BLITZES and COVER REVEALS, and you’ll receive the media kits/HTML posts for all events. Note that Blog Tours and Review Opportunities do NOT have master lists, so if you want to sign ups for any tours/reviews you will need to do fill out the individual sign-up forms.

If you’re unable to participate in a specific reveal or blitz, please email me to remove your name from that event’s list, otherwise you’ll be expected to post. I recommend you also subscribe as a tour host, this adds you to our mailing list so you can receive new sign-up notices via email, that way you can keep track of what’s coming up and reply to opt out of any event(s) if needed.

Materials for reveals are sent 1-2 days ahead, blitzes are sent 3-4 days ahead – if you don’t receive one as expected, email me and I’ll resend (due to a large volume of emails, one will occasionally get flagged as spam and won’t arrive for some).

Bloggers who fail to post on more than one occasion without notice will be removed from the list.
You can also keep track of upcoming events here as well as on our sidebar!



Blog Tour Guidelines

Important information regarding blog tours (does not apply to blitzes/reveals):

–Tour Timeline: Each new tour open for sign-up is posted on the site and emailed to tour hosts. Once a tour schedule is finalized, an email is sent to those selected for the tour (a good 4-8 weeks ahead). The review copy will arrive at least 4 weeks before the tour. Completed tour promo items (guest posts, interviews, excerpts etc) will be sent to their respective blogger one week before the tour. The tour kit will also be sent one week before the tour which includes the tour giveaway details, book/author info, and any note/changes in regards to the tour.

–Tour schedule: A tour schedule is not set in stone, in most cases it can be changed around easily. If you cannot commit or need to change the tour date you have been assigned, let me know as soon as possible; the schedule can easily be changed or your tour stop replaced if needed. Please be aware that not everyone who signs up may get a spot on a tour, this depends on the size of the tour and number of sign ups. You can look through the Upcoming Tours sidebar section if you would like to check all finalized tour schedules.

–Reviews: Because these are promotional tours, unfavorable reviews (review below 3 stars) should be held off until after the tour. If you happen to not like the book, I can provide an excerpt for your scheduled tour stop instead – you may still post the tour giveaway, and this will in no way reflect bad upon you as a tour host; I respect honest opinions! If possible, also post your review on Goodreads and Amazon, and wherever else you normally post (this is a very big help to the author!).

–Promo Items: All tour promo items – interviews, guest posts, top lists, etc – are unique and written specifically for your tour stop. If you sign up for a promo post, you must provide guest post topic idea(s) or interview questions for the author at least 4 weeks before the tour begins (reminders will be sent).

–Host Requirements: I don’t require a minimum amount of followers or specific stats to accept a blogger as a tour host. I prioritize blogs who have been actively blogging for at least a couple of months, and I keep a track record of all my hosts – the most important to me is realiability!


*Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose than for Xpresso Book Tours*