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Xpresso Book Tours’ Netgalley Packages

NetGalley is an excellent resource for authors and publisher, however it can be an overwhelming cost for a new or self-published author to take on by themselves. As such, Xpresso Book Tours offers affordable terms where we can get your book listed through our NetGalley PR/Publisher profile. Plus, it comes with extra perks and less administrative work for you (more info below)!

What is NetGalley? is a service that helps promote and publicize books; a connection point for book publishers, reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, bloggers and educators. Professional readers–reviewers, media, journalists, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and educators–can join and use NetGalley at no cost. NetGalley delivers digital galleys to professional readers and helps promote new and upcoming titles. We can list both published books as well as advance reader copies (ARCs).

The number of members on NetGalley is HUGE with currently over 600,000 reviewers, media, booksellers, bloggers and librarians!


Membership Info & Cost

Want your title listed on NetGalley?

Important to note:
➤ Spots are limited and we may have a wait list. Current wait time for a term listed below.
➤ A 1-month term allows you to list one title. A 3 month term allows you to list up to 3 books (1 per month).


•    1 month term: $65
•    3 month term: $180


What happens once your title is on Netgalley?

Xpresso Book Tours will take care of all of the technical administrative tasks, including weeding through review requests for you. After you have committed to the term of your choice and paid the fee, instructions are provided with details on how to submit your book. If you have a 3 month term, once a month you have the option to switch your listed title for another.


How review requests are handled:
Requests are handled by Xpresso Book Tours for each title. We go through all requests and check the reviewer’s profile/stats to make sure they’re an active reviewer. What we look at for approval includes: requests to reviews ratio (shown by Netgalley), how active they are on review sites (personal blog, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.), and follower count in some cases. We try our best to weed out those who are simply looking for free books.

In general, a reviewer with good stats and/or active reviewers (have posted a review recently) are approved. There will also be readers who are pre-approved based on their positive reputation with our previous titles (mostly well-known -to us- bloggers/readers who we have come to know, trust, and adore).


Terms and conditions

•    Payment is required in full prior to listing your book on Netgalley.
•    Non refundable. You may sell your spot to another author if you wish to opt out.
•    Netgalley does not restrict to positive only reviews, and Xpresso Book Tours is not responsible for negative reviews it may generate.
•    Xpresso Book Tours can not offer a guaranteed number of reviews with the purchase of this service.


Get your book listed!

If you would like to get your book listed on Netgalley, please email ( with the following:

▪ Book title & description
▪ Book Cover
▪ Genre and age group
▪ The term you are interested in


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