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Review Opportunity: Eerie by C.M. McCoy

C.M. McCoy
Publication date: December 15th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance


Hailey’s dreams have always been, well…vivid. As in monsters from her nightmares follow her into her waking life vivid.

When her big sister goes missing, eighteen-year-old Hailey finds the only thing keeping her safe from a murderous 3,000-year-old beast is an equally terrifying creature who has fallen “madly” in love with her. Competing to win her affection, the Dream Creature, Asher, lures her to the one place that offers safety—a ParaScience university in Alaska he calls home. There, she studies the science of the supernatural and must learn to live with a roommate from Hell, survive her ParaScience classes, and hope the only creature who can save her from an evil immortal doesn’t decide to kill her himself.

“EERIE, full of voice and romance, is a thrilling and beautifully crafted story that had me up late, racing through the pages to get to the end. ” – Author Brenda Drake



You can now request a review copy of Eerie by C.M. McCoy, a New Adult Paranormal Romance novel. Reviews should be posted by May 10th. Review copies will be in ebook format, gifted via Amazon, B&N, or iTunes.

Page count: 421 pages
Content warnings: PG-13. Mild violence. Some steam, but no sex. Some mention of alcohol.

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