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Review Opportunity: Venatus by Autumn Archer

Autumn Archer
(The Unforgettable Series, #3)
Publication date: April 26th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


In Autumn Archer’s latest raciest novel, Jamie McGrath takes centre stage, swooning readers with his confidence and killer dimple. This sexy book packed with drama can be read as a standalone. 
Set amidst the lush green Northern Irish countryside, Ventatus offers an intoxicating blend of swooning romance, twists and turns with plenty of sexual adventure. 
Jamie McGrath, the billionaire A-hole who readers are falling hard for has a chance encounter in Belfast city when his path crosses that of strong willed Shannon Colter, the show jumping champion, who much prefers the company of horses to humans. 
Jamie thinks he can swoop in and charm Shannon with his sexy dimple, irresistible charm and bundles of cash. 
Shannon has a horse riding career and life plans, with no time for a cocky handsome man who makes her pulse skyrocket with just a smile. While she’s not working in Belfast city as a barista, the focus is her prize horse. 
An unexpected encounter on the way to the cafe brings her face to face with a super hot billionaire.
Jamie is used to getting what he wants and quickly sets his sights on Shannon only to face rejection when she turns down his invitation to a VIP party in his hotel. 
His persistence draws her closer.
Complications force him away. 
Her world turns upside down.
Will Jamie find his way back to her, or is Shannon better off alone?
“An A-hole but blisteringly hot lead guy (Jamie McGrath) that will leave you panting—quite literally—with his confidence, darkness, and overall personality.” 5 star review
“An epic romance that is worth staying to up at night and speed-reading this gorgeous book.” 5 star Goodreads Review
“Full of emotions yet better said rollercoaster ride of feelings, with lots of ups and downs. Wrongs and rights, turns and twists keeping one on pins and needles all the time. This book was simply incredible.” 5 star Goodreads review


You can now request a review copy of Venatus by Autumn Archer, an 18+ Romantic Suspense novel. While this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Reviews should be posted by July 1st. Review copies are available in Mobi format.

Page count: 248 pages
Heat level: Not erotica but has detailed sex scenes

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