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Cover Reveal Sign-Up: Tipsy by by Cambria Hebert

Cambria Hebert
(Take It Off #5)
Publication date: December 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult


Julie Preston is an artist. But her canvas isn’t paper or clay. It’s hair. She spends her days coloring, blow drying and styling her clients hair at the Razor’s Edge salon. Julie is also annoyed. She went out on a date and had a great time, gave the guy her number and the jerk never called.

So when he waltzes into the salon and sits down in her chair she briefly considers strangling him with the pink cape she fastens around his neck.

Too bad she can’t.

Blue Markson, the guy who never called, is a police officer so causing him bodily harm would be a first class ticket into the slammer. Just looking at him again makes Julie forget why she was mad in the first place, but she’s already learned that Blue is nothing but heartache. So when he starts coming around, acting like he hadn’t made her stare at the phone for days, she tries to brush him off.


Her life is about to blow up in her face, she’s about to get caught up in a sticky web of crime and the one guy who can help her is the one guy she vowed never to trust again.

I am organizing a cover reveal for Tipsy by by Cambria Hebert, the 5th in her Take It Off series -New Adult Contemporary. The cover was designed by Mae I Design and the reveal is scheduled for Friday, November 15th, 2013 (after 12:01AM EST).

An email with the posting information will be sent to all participants 2 days before the reveal.

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