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Cover Reveal Sign-Up: Base Branch #7-8-9 by Megan Mitcham

Versions, Virtues, Variations
Megan Mitcham
Publication date: Summer/Fall 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


Base Branch Series – Novella 7
The truth doesn’t have versions. Or does it?

Rin Lee covered her childhood in dirt and danced on its grave. Only she pranced a little too hard and spent her young-adult life tiptoeing the straight and narrow. Things finally paid off in the form of a job with the Department of Defense, a home of her own, and a boyfriend muscled enough he put Zach Efron to shame. Until one text reveals a hideous truth that splinters her world.

Suddenly she can’t trust Nate or their surrogate family of friends. Can she possibly trust Luck—the man who mirrors her soul, scares her beyond the neat confines she’s erected around herself, and makes her scrutinize the versions she’s always been too angry to see?

Luck turned to the streets out of necessity, while Rin slapped on blinders and ignored those willing to help her. A stupid move for a sultry young woman. But the skills she learned in the rough and tumble underbelly of DC will serve his latest assignment well. Because people like them have the instinct to survive.

Base Branch Series – Novella 8
Once they’re gone, can you ever get them back?

As a CIA spy turned traitor to her country, Cara Lee kissed her virtues goodbye long ago. After seventeen years, her retribution ended with the burial of her enemy and a fresh start with her daughter. If only she could forgive herself enough to rebuild their relationship.

Luck—her daughter’s fiancé—wasn’t Cara’s only attempt at atonement. She took Marina Sorensen off a Swedish street corner and schooled her in the art of survival. Too bad the girl sold her and Luck out to the thugs of Brödraskapet.

Her disciplined nature prods Cara to tie the loose end—one way or the other. But the commander of the UN’s special forces has other plans. The last thing she wants is another government job. Given an ultimatum—and a babysitter—she plays along.

Tyler Grace should have been a farmer in east Texas, but the universe had other plans. A tactical expert for the Base Branch, when he finds a problem, he seeks the best way to fix it. Cara presents an obstacle he’s ill prepared to conquer—but he’ll die trying.

Struggling to sort through her past, Cara clings to the one virtue she has left, while Tyler dares to prove she never lost them.

Base Branch Series – Novella 9
Decisions split paths. Not the other way around. Bad decisions devolve and suddenly you are no more than variations of yourself.

Marina Sorensen’s rots in a prison of her own making. The bars are the thick arms and meaty hands of Brödraskapet thugs who make money selling her body. Her guilt is the unbreakable shackle. Loneliness is her ever tightening noose. Trading her life for the survival of another is her only salvation.

For Base Branch operatives Hunter Masters and Oliver Knight rescue missions in hostile territory against a brotherhood of brutal sons-of-bitches is another adventure. After all, they’re single. Downtime between missions in foreign locals with exotic women is worth dodging a few bullets. There is also the sense of duty and pride in a critical job well done.

The boys rescue Marina from her prison and are blindsided by the striking, broken women they both need to call their own. Too soon, betrayals met harsh light and the rowdy, fun-loving soldiers are forced to face cruel reality. Their damsel in destress may be the cause of much pain and suffering.

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I am organizing a triple cover reveal for books 7,8, and 9 in Megan Mitcham’s Base Branch series (Versions, Virtues, Variations), an Adult Romantic Suspense series, designed by Deranged Doctor Design. The reveal is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 (after 12:01AM EST). Social media sites are welcome.

An email with the posting information will be sent to all participants 2 days before the reveal.
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