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Review Opportunity: Lucid Dreaming by Cassandra Page

Lucid Dreaming
Cassandra Page
(Lucid Dreaming #1)
Publication date: November 3rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

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Melaina makes the best of her peculiar heritage: half human and half Oneiroi, or dream spirit, she can manipulate others’ dreams. At least working out the back of a new age store as a ‘dream therapist’ pays the bills. Barely.

But when Melaina treats a client for possession by a nightmare creature, she unleashes the murderous wrath of the creature’s master. He could be anywhere, inside anyone: a complete stranger or her dearest friend. Melaina must figure out who this hidden adversary is and what he’s planning – before the nightmares come for her.



You can now request a review copy of Lucid Dreaming by Cassandra Page, a New Adult Urban Fantasy novel. Reviews should be posted by July 20th. Review copies are available in all ebook formats.

Page count: 302 pages / Heat level: Hot!

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