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Review Opportunity: The Mage King by Rebecca Bauer

The Mage King
Rebecca Bauer
(The Ice Queen #2)
Publication date: May 1st 2017
Genres: Adult, Fantasy

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At the age of eighteen, Aria reclaimed her stolen throne. At twenty, the Ice Realm prospers under her leadership, and the struggle for peace lives as but a scar–until a fall evening reveals the failure of her sterilization spell.

Reports of weakening magic become more widespread, and a dream Aria witnesses like a prophecy sends Casimir to the mage college for answers. Soon, the fulfillment of the prophecy will embroil the entire continent in war–but the realms, and those without magic, have little to do with it.

As Aria navigates an alliance with the west, whispers of discontent in the Forest Realm, and reports of a mad king, Casimir attempts to stay one step ahead of the complex and insidious politics of mages. But in a game filled with secrets, lies, and manipulation, honesty and good intentions only go as far as the indulgence of the players.

No matter where Aria and Casimir turn, war will come–and the hard fought peace Aria brought to the Ice Realm soon crumbles under the weight of fate and fire.



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Word count: 105k

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