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Review Opportunity: Hexen’s Cross by J. Kowallis

Hexen’s Cross
J. Kowallis
(Hexen Series, #1)
Publication date: May 1st 2018
Genres: Magical Realism, New Adult, Paranormal


The magic calls her.
A prophecy binds her.
The ancestors guide her.

Dr. Taran Grim, a young professor of occult studies, knows the written history of witches better than anyone in her field. And she should. She’s one of them.

After a mysterious stranger arrives at her office inquiring about the mythical staff of Woden, Taran’s curiosity reveals a millennia-old prophesy directly tied to her. The answers wait in Bryden, England and the only person who can help her gain access to the hidden valley is the descendant of Ruhmactir, and a member of the shape-shifting Geri clan: Collens “Coll” Donovan.

But the Donovans have secrets of their own, and Taran’s underdeveloped magic is wreaking strange havoc on her life. If she can’t manage her magic and strike a truce with Coll, they’ll fail to prevent the prophesied event known as Deireanhexe: the end of the hexen race.



You can now request a review copy of Hexen’s Cross by J. Kowallis, a New Adult Magical Realism/Paranormal novel. Reviews should be posted by June 15th. Review copies are available in all ebook formats.

Word count: 91k
Heat level: Mild
Content warnings: “PG-13” (Magical violence, Historical gore—witch hanging, starving bodies, some alcohol consumption, sexual innuendo, and insinuation of magical “roofies”. No use of F-words or extreme language)

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–Not all requests may get approved.
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