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Review Opportunity: Failure by Danielle Young

Danielle Young
(A Beautifully Broken Novel #1)
Publication date: April 30th 2020
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

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Chris- Journal Entry

Have you ever felt like a failure? Like everything you have ever done has been wrong? Make mistake after mistake, too may mistakes. Mistakes that you aren’t sure you can come back from.

It’s as if every decision I make digs me deeper into a pit of despair. With every step I’m sinking. Being swallowed by my incompetence. Buried by my inability to do anything right. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning. In my thoughts. In silence. In despair. Nothingness. And I’m afraid that one day it will all just bury me.

Chris Hall’s life changed the night he lost his mom. Instead of thinking about college and his future, he’s barely surviving. Burying his pain in alcohol.

But when Alli shows up in his life–battered from her own demons, but still fighting–he begins to think there might be a way out of the darkness.



You can now request a review copy of Failure by Danielle Young, a YA Contemporary novel. Reviews should be posted by December 20th. Review copies are available in ebook format.

Page count: 422 pages


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