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Cover Reveal Sign-Up: Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Lillah Lawson & Lauren Emily Wahlen

Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Lauren Emily Wahlen, Lillah Lawson
Publication date: October 17th 2023
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

Rock, Love, and Betrayal: Dive into the High-Stakes Shakespearean World of “Tomorrow and Tomorrow”

In a tale of friendship, ambition, and dark secrets, join the journey of an all-female rock band as they navigate the treacherous world of music and uncover the chilling truth that threatens to tear them apart.

New Beginnings and Unbreakable Bonds

When Duff O’Brien moves to Hiawassee, Georgia to escape her traumatic past, she finds solace in her friendship with the ambitious and fierce Marian “Mac” Shepherd. Together with the enigmatic Quincy Banks, they form The Scottish Play, North Georgia’s hardest-rocking all-female band.

Rising Stars and Shrouded Secrets

Five years later, the band is living their dream in Athens, Georgia, playing gigs and enjoying their newfound fame. When the captivating Lawrence MacLaren enters their lives, love blossoms between him and Mac, and he envisions even greater success for the band. But when tragedy strikes, and two of their closest allies die under mysterious circumstances, Duff and bandmate Ross begin to suspect that Mac and Lawrence may be involved.

A Journey to Unveil the Truth

As The Scottish Play embarks on a trip to Scotland’s historic Glamis Castle for the performance of a lifetime, Duff must confront the prophecies of The Hecks, a trio of bewitching witches from her past—one of whom she is now dating. With danger lurking around every corner, she questions if she ever truly knew her best friend Mac and wonders if she could be the next target.

Immerse yourself in “Tomorrow and Tomorrow,” a gripping story of rock, love, and betrayal, as Duff and her bandmates unravel a twisted mystery that could change their lives forever.


I am organizing a cover reveal for Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Lillah Lawson & Lauren Emily Wahlen, a New Adult Contemporary novel. The reveal is scheduled for Friday, May 19th, 2023 (after 12:01AM EST). Social media sites are welcome.

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