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Cover Reveal Sign-Up: Sparktopia by JA Huss

JA Huss
Publication date: September, 19th 2024
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Spark is light, Spark is magic, Spark is power.

Spark is everything and it blooms inside the bodies of Tau City’s young women. Once a decade, in exchange for enough power to keep the city modern and comfortable, a Spark Maiden must be sacrificed to their mysterious tower god in a ritual called The Extraction.

Ten Maidens are Chosen, but only one enters the tower as a sacrifice, never to be seen again. The nine leftovers are elevated to celebrity status and spend the next decade living in the luxurious Maiden Tower, wearing couture gala gowns, and partying with the city’s most interesting and beautiful people. Every young woman in Tau City wants to be a Spark Maiden because the odds have always been in their favor.

Until now.

One by one, the greedy god has summoned the leftover Spark Maidens into sacrifice. When Clara Birch, Spark Maiden number nine, gets the call, she fully expects her fiancé, Finn Scott, the Extraction Master’s son, to save her.

Spoiler alert: He’s not going to.

At the same time, a rebellion is brewing. The forgotten underclass is plotting the end of the god and his tower with strategically-placed Rebel spies that will bring it all down. Jasina Bell is a young woman on a mission to make history and she will stop at nothing to get the fame she deserves.

When Clara is forced into the tower against her will, she makes an unexpected discovery. There is no god—just a man, one willing to do what Finn Scott wouldn’t: Save Clara Birch.

Even if it means destroying the entire world to do so.

Sparktopia is a multiple first-person fantasy romance packed with spice and morally-gray characters with extraordinary powers. It includes the themes of duty and honor, false gods, ultimate betrayal, and redemptive hero.

Morally Grey
Found Family
Duty and Honor
False Gods
Ultimate Betrayal


I am organizing a cover reveal for Sparktopia by JA Huss, an Adult Romantasy novel. The reveal is scheduled for Friday, March 15th, 2024 (after 12:01AM EST). Social media sites are welcome.

An email with the posting information will be sent to all participants 2 days before the reveal.
HTML will also be provided.