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Cover Reveal Sign-Up: The Echo on the Water by JA Huss

The Echo on the Water
JA Huss
(Sacred Trinity, #2)
Publication date: July 25th 2024
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Rosie Harlow is desperately seeking… well, she’s not sure. A romance would be nice but so would a dinner conversation with her pre-teen son. Too bad her boy is way too busy growing up to pay his mama any attention. Rosie never meant to swear off men and she’s not frigid—you don’t become a single mom at fifteen by being frigid—but this dry spell of hers had gotten out of hand and something must be done.
Enter Amon Parrish. Back in high school Amon was voted most likely to get caught with his pants down. He was a trouble maker. The quintessential bad boy. But twelve years away from home, traveling the world and working with Collin Creed doing super-secret (and somewhat illegal) things, changed all that and these days Amon Parrish is a brand-new, stand-up man.
And, to Rosie’s surprise, a romantic man as well. Because he has decided to court her. And this is not just any ordinary courting, either. It’s… well, a page ripped right out of a bodice ripper.
But everyone in Disciple, West Virginia has a secret in their past.
Even the cheerful, perpetually optimistic, and seemingly innocent, Rosie Harlow.

The Echo on the Water is a swooning plate of small-town fiction served up with a side of spice. It honors the themes of friends to lovers, found family, and is filled with bigger-than-life, morally-grey characters against a backdrop of the weird and wonderful.

Small Town Secrets
Charming Alpha Male
Friends to Lovers
Touch Her and Die
Morally Grey
Found Family


I am organizing a cover reveal for The Echo on the Water by JA Huss, an Adult Romantic Suspense novel. The reveal is scheduled for Friday, June 14th, 2024 (after 12:01AM EST). Social media sites are welcome.

An email with the posting information will be sent to all participants 2 days before the reveal.
HTML will also be provided.