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Cover Reveal Sign Up: Pretty When She Destroys by Rhiannon Frater

Pretty When She DestroysRhiannon FraterSeries: Pretty When She Dies #3 Publication date: July 23, 2013 Genre: NA Horror/Urban Fantasy

Amaliya Vezorak always believed she was destined to live a failed life in obscurity until she was brutally murdered by an ancient vampire named The Summoner and reborn as a powerful vampire necromancer. Now it

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Tour: Secret for a Song by S.K. Falls

Secret for a Song S.K. FallsPublication date: June, 2013 Genre: NA Coming-of-Age

Saylor Grayson makes herself sick. Literally.She ate her first needle when she was seven. Now, at nineteen, she’s been kicked out of college for poisoning herself with laxatives. The shrinks call it Munchausen Syndrome. All Saylor knows is that when she’s

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Tour: How to Be Almost Famous in Ten Days by Kathleen S. Allen

How to Be Almost Famous in Ten Days Kathleen S. AllenPublication date: March 15th 2013 Genre: YA Contemporary

Seventeen-year-old Cassie Cee feels invisible because she’s a double-digit size. She finds a book in a secondhand bookstore that she hopes will change her life. Her best friend’s brother wants to make vlogs about how

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Cover Reveal Sign Up: Sacrifice by K.A. Last

Sacrifice K.A. Last Series: A Fall For Me Prequel Publication date: May, 2013 Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy

Seth’s heart is breaking. He knows his decision will hurt the one person he keeps breathing for, but he can’t take it anymore. He can’t be near Grace knowing she will always be just out of reach.

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Tour: The Book by Jessica Bell

The Book Jessica BellPublication date: January 18th 2013 Genre: Adult Contemporary (Novella)

This book is not The Book. The Book is in this book. And The Book in this book is both the goodie and the baddie.

Bonnie is five. She wants to bury The Book because it is a demon that should

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Blitz Sign Up: Awakened by Kriston Johnson

Awakened  Kriston Johnson Series: The Legends Of Elyndia, #1Publication date: April 25th 2013 Genre: YA Fantasy

Can fighting for the right side be the wrong thing to do?

Draven, the tyrant ruler of Elyndia for the last one thousand years, searches for the one who can fulfill his prophecy.

The Paladins, an elite band

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Tour: Tragic by J.A. Huss

Tragic  J.A. Huss Series: Rook and Ronin, #1Publication date: May 20th 201 Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Rook Walsh is TRAGIC

Because life so far – just sucks.  Some girls get parents.  Rook got the foster care system.  Some girls get Prince Charming.  Rook got an abusive frog.  Some girls get lucky…


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Book Blitz Sign Up: Flight by Lindsay Leggett

FlightLindsay Leggett Publication date:   April 1st 2013 Genre: YA Science Fiction

The first rule of survival in the Underground: When you’re outside, keep your eyes on the skies. Ace Harpy Hunter Piper Madden is used to danger, but the death of her brother slams the brakes on her high-torque lifestyle and leaves her

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Blitz Sign Up: Alaskan Nights by Nadia Scrieva

Alaskan NightsNadia ScrievaPublication date:  March 2013 Genre: New Adult Contemporary

When Brynne left Alaska, she promised herself she would never go back.

The day after graduation, she got in her beat-up Honda Civic and drove down the west coast to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood makeup artist. Growing up in a

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Cover Reveal Sign Up: Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely

Trophy Husband Lauren Blakely Publication date: May 21st 2013 Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Revenge is a dish best served hot…

Successful San Francisco fashion blogger McKenna Bell has spent far too long protecting herself after the way her ex-fiance left her at the altar for a college chick he met in Vegas the

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Tour: Awakened by Kriston Johnson

Awakened  Kriston Johnson Series: The Legends Of Elyndia, #1Publication date: April 25th 2013 Genre: YA Fantasy

Can fighting for the right side be the wrong thing to do?

Draven, the tyrant ruler of Elyndia for the last one thousand years, searches for the one who can fulfill his prophecy.

The Paladins, an elite

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Blitz Sign Up: Eyes of Ember by Rebecca L. Ethington

Eyes of Ember Rebecca L. Ethington Series: Imdalind, #2Publication date: April 6th 2013by Imdalind Press Genre: YA Paranormal

Joclyn is in hiding, hunted by the man she still desperately loves. Ryland is gone, his mind erased, no memory of Joclyn remains. But, Joclyn’s heart desperately begs her to hold out hope. While, in

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Blitz Sign Up: Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four by Nya Jade

Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four Nya JadeSeries: A Shapers Novel #1Publication date: October 30th 2012 by Dreamwell PublishingGenre: YA Paranormal

The students of Green Lane Academy roam their halls unaware that below their manicured campus exists a prestigious school of an entirely different kind . . .

Sixteen-year-old Phoebe Pope has

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Tour: Nissa by Bethany Lopez

Nissa  Bethany Lopez Publication: April 23rd 2013 Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy

At 900 years old, Nissa is finally ready to follow her mother’s path and become the best Fairy Godmother she can. She’s not thrilled when her first assignment turns out to be a teenage human girl with self-esteem issues, but she knows

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Blitz Sign Up: Grimm Diaries by Cameron Jace

Grimm Diaries  Cameron Jace Prequels 11-14 Publication date: March 28th 2013 Genre: YA Fantasy/Fairy Tale

10.5) Happy Valentine’s Slay by Wee Willy Winkie The real Sandman Grimm sheds a light on what happened in Jawigi, and tells about how some of the teens in Sorrow spend their Valentine’s Day.

11) Children of Hamlin

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Blitz Sign Up: Sworn to Raise by Terah Edun

Sworn to RaiseTerah Edun Publication date: April 10th 2013by Amazon Digital Genre: YA Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old Ciardis has grown up in poverty, a cleaner in a small vale on the outskirts of the kingdom. But beneath her kingdom’s seemingly idyllic surface lies a hidden secret. Whispers of an inept crown Prince are growing ever

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Cover Reveal Sign Up: Ten Days by Olivia Mayfield

Ten Days  Olivia Mayfield Publication date: May 2013 Genre: New adult/YA crossover sci-fi romance

Seventeen-year-old Cally isn’t like the others. In her society, the Machine caters to every whim, ensuring people don’t have to leave their pods. But Cally and her best friend Marshal find themselves drawn to how things used to be,

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Blitz Sign Up: Going Under by S. Walden

Going UnderS. Walden Publication date: March 19th 2013by Penny PressGenre: NA Contemporary

Brooke Wright has only two goals her senior year at Charity Run High School: stay out of trouble and learn to forgive herself for the past. Forgiveness proves elusive, and trouble finds her anyway when she discovers a secret club at school

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Tour: Runes by Ednah Walters

Runes Ednah Walters Publication date:  May 20th 2013 Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Seventeen-year-old Raine Cooper has enough on her plate dealing with her father’s disappearance, her mother’s erratic behavior and the possibility of her boyfriend relocating. The last thing she needs is Torin St. James—a mysterious new neighbor with a wicked smile and

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Tour: Why My Love Life Sucks by Shevi Arnold

Why My Love Life Sucks Shevi ArnoldSeries: The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer, #1Publication: February 1st, 2013Genre: Humorous YA Sci-Fi

Gilbert Garfinkle is the ultimate tech geek. He has a compulsive need to take apart, figure out, and fix things; and he dreams of one day fixing the world. But a funny thing happens

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Tour: All the King’s Men by Kat H. Clayton

All the King’s MenKat H. ClaytonSeries: The Kings of Charleston Series, #2Publication: 2013Genre: YA Romantic Suspense

After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.~Aristotle Onassis

There’s a mystery floating in Charleston, South Carolina and it revolves around one word…Kythera. To anyone outside

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Book Blitz Sign Up: Timespell by Diana Paz

TimespellDiana Paz Publication date: April 1st 2013by Rhemalda PublishingGenre: YA Time Travel

In TIMESPELL, the brash and impulsive Julia must team up with her sweet and straight-laced best friend, Angie, and the malicious and power-hungry Kaitlyn in order to keep the witch-like powers of her inheritance. But these powers come at a cost. The girls

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Cover Reveal Sign Up: Passion Potion by Mary Beth Daniels

Passion Potion  Mary Beth DanielsPublication date: May 1st, 2013 Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Jet is a Nix, the daughter of an Enchantress who went outside her bloodlines. No one helps a Nix, and even though her father is in deep trouble with Dei Lucrii, a dark Enchanter who paid her family

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