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Cover Re-Reveal Sign-Up: I Am Just Junco Series by J.A. Huss

I am Just Junco Book 1-6
J.A. Huss
(I am Just Junco)
Genres: Dystopian, New Adult, Science Fiction


Synopsis from Omnibus Book 1-3:

Seven thousand years ago a tyrant’s violence changed the course of history.
Seven thousand years later a child was created to change it back.
Junco is that child.
Her soul is tired, her heart is broken, and no one she meets is telling the truth.

Seven thousand years ago a fallen God lost the only thing he ever loved.
Seven thousand years later he created a son to set things right.
Tier is that son.
His loyalty and love are absolute—but no one is immune to punishment.

Seven thousand years ago the Gods divided the heavens and parceled it out.
Seven thousand years later a Goddess will finally take what’s due.
Inanna is that Goddess.
Her vengeance stretches to infinity and she will do anything to get her way.

Life and love.
Hate and violence.
Vengeance and forgiveness.
Betrayal, death, lies and luck.
This is the story of the eternal patience required to right an ancient wrong.
And it all starts with one small girl with one big problem.
She has no idea who she is.

I am organizing a cover reveal for the I Am Just Junco Series by J.A. Huss. This reveal is for the new covers of all books 1 through 6. The reveal is scheduled for Monday, October 14th, 2013 (after 12:01AM EST).

An email with the posting information will be sent to all participants 2 days before the reveal.